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letra de sidetracked - 24wavey


(i’m just saying i’ll do whatever)
(what do you know about eleven block?)
(i know you been hurt, this song will make you better)

you told me you ain’t be feeling yourself, lately
let me take your breath away
let me take your stress away
i won’t do you wrong i swear
(i won’t do you wrong i swear)

(ay what this ones brazy)

i won’t do you how he did you i swear
even though sometimes i act like i don’t care
but i promise if you need me i’ll be on my way there
and all the way i treat you sometimes it’s not fair
i know, i know
and every single time i’m alone
i think about you sh-t i hear you alone
scrolling through the pictures i got on my phone
amount of times she told me come home
i’ll be right back
when i text you on your phone you hit me right back (woah)
i do all the things you like i know you like that
please stay focused, don’t get sidetracked
i want you and you only
let’s spend the night together so we ain’t lonely
and i hear we were friends they’re phony
they said i’m not good for you they don’t know me
and you the type that i can live we were just lit
and you ain’t even gotta say sh-t, don’t say a word
i know that you damaged girl but it’s okay
if you need help feeling and i can help you ’cause i been hurt too
sometimes it feels like i don’t deserve you
put your dress on and send me your address
and i ain’t lying when i tell you baby your the best
(tell me how you baby)
baby lay up on my chest
and i hope that your feelings don’t change
’cause i love you more than words can explain
last year i treated you bad i’m a shame
now every time you f-ck up, i take the blame
love like a drug you drive me insane
feels way too good be true girl it’s strange
i need you by me ’cause you know my pain
now i’m saying [?]
f-ck them hoes, i don’t know they so so mad
girl when you take pictures girl you know you bad
i said f-ck then hoes they tryna break us down
and if i don’t pick up it’s because i’m not around
yeah, to keep you by me i’ll do whatever (i’ll do whatever)
yeah, and i know you been hurt, i’m just tryna make you feel better
i’m just saying i’ll do whatever (i’ll do whatever)
yeah, and i know you been hurt, i’m just tryna make you feel better

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