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letra de thug passion - 2 pac


[intro: 2pac]

aight, new drink
one part alazhay one part chrystal
thugs p-ssion baby
y’all know what time it is
this drink is gauranteed to get the p-ssy wet and the d-ck hard
now if ya with me
pour a gl-ss and drink with a n-gg-
know what i mean ?
i ain’t trying to turn you all n-gg-s into alcholics
alcholics (ha ha)
i’m just trying to turn you into m-th-f-ckin thugs
so come and get some of this thug p-ssion baby

[verse one: dramacydal]

i could pull out the drink
and be good ’till it’s relavent but
i’m a straight solider, i’ll roll up a n-gg-
like it’s heaven sent
tripping over dead presidents
they got these derelicts
i throw was down with this business
tryin’ clown and get a cent
and so rather
than stand forever, been thinking
drinking over a felony
and h-ll of me and how it will be some other sh-t
people telling me to cool out
but they ain’t feeling me
a m-th- f-ckin fool ’bout
my f-ckin cheddar cheese
and it pleases, p-ssion of mine
thuggin huggin plenty of g’s
and laughing while i p-ss through times
and all thes back stabbers be watchin
just keep it plain
i’m a keep it the same partner
just take it the simple game
i can pinkle with the rain twinkling
diamonds and thangs go plinklin
enough to hold me, til’ i’m, old and wrinklin
and these adversaries
they gonna have to be worrying
cuz i’m a be illing
fufillin my p-ssion
till i’m burryin’
my thug p-ssion

[chorus: jewell]

i heard it’s the bomb
and you got it going on
give me some of your thug p-ssion babby
you got me dripping wet
from the way you make me sweat
give me some of your thug p-ssion babby

[verse two: dramacydal]

now what if me
turn this henessee
into a robbery
the prophecy probably suddenly
switch and how it supposed to be?
and dirty money
can’t be evil cuz it’s filling up my tummy see
born in a position
death collision
was futuristic
twisting riches
but there is only one way to make mo’
so i’m standing on the corner
trying to hustle in the snow
and my bigga bro
couldn’t know
but buy a four four
blasting at playa hating
wantin’ mo’
with a thug p-ssion

[verse three: 2pac]

putting down mashin’
control by this thug’s p-ssion
unlike them other bustas pistol blastin’
i’m asking, what happened?
to the n-gg-s who kept it real
like they claim to
that’s when i bang do
see thang true
traveling this road my poor soul
has been consolidated
with all this bullsh-t i done tolerated
how i made it
can easily stated
it’s like my heart be gripped with the p-ssion
to be the f-cking greatest
load up and take sh-t


make this to some high dollar gangster sh-t
jack a stack till we got enought bank to split

[verse four: storm]

creep with me
through that imortal flow
thug p-ssion got you tremblin’
like death on the row
make your move
so i can throw your mind a curve
while i’ll be blowin up tha scene
like my n-gg- mr. herb
take a toke
as your heart goes full arrest
i got tha bomb
so n-gg-, f-ck tha rest
ya need a 3rd to get ya flowin’
and let that loc see smoke
feelin’ tha strokes of tha nine squeeze tight and slow


[verse five: 2pac]

they say money don’t make tha man
but d-mn i’m makin’ money
observin’ you m-th-f-ckers
cause some of you b-tches funny
say you want it
but you bullsh-tin’
lickin’ them lips
you got me about to act a fool quick
sippin’ on some alazay and cristal, meanwhile
buy me a drink
and get to winking at me
she smiles
a n-gg-s full of p-ssion
satisfaction is everlastin’
how does it feel ?
what i’m askin’
while i’m rubbin’ on that -ss
why you laughin’ ?
see, i’m diggin’ as if i’m curious
full blown and furious
baby get a grip
when i be doin’ this
it’s so physical
my attraction
driven by alchol
beware of my reaction
baby i’m born to ball
thugged out on death row
you better recognize
and picture what i said so
now you can feel it
it’s a potion for my n-gg-s in motion
forever blastin’
b-tches ain’t ready for this thug p-ssion

[chorus 4x]