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letra de can't ignore it - 171 reezy


no you can’t ignore it
no you can’t ignore it
no you can’t ignore it
no you can’t ignore it

when i’m falling from the sky (look)
it’s when i feel i’m most alive (yea)
hard to explain but i can’t deny it
don’t wanna be seen as that type of guyyyy
tryna forget all the sh-t i remember
all the sh-t bottled up that make me feel sentimental
crisis in my life had me close all of the windows
make sure nothing get in or getting out can’t you let into i ain’t gentle

cuz in my darkness i was soaking yea
why so serious like the joker, yea
cuz i was in thе dark and no one noticed, yea
got usеd to dark and stayed focus focus

cause this rockstar lifestyle might not make it
cause this rockstar lifestyle might not make it

if the season of mating
talk about the women i dated
i had em feel so sedated they prolly hate it
sh-t was good they made a strong first impression
the way they was moving they body no i can’t lie was impressive
it’s only right i be honest and let you know true intentions
baby i used you for the better of me, u was an investment to my collection

i know that sound so sinister
but you played ya part so don’t let it get to ya
when i think of my savior trust me i picture ya yea
if you make it to h-ll i’ll come and visit ya
when i asked you if you f-ck with me i ain’t get a legit answer
been in too many situations surrounded by leeches and cancers
thought i called in the cavalry but got stabbed by the lances
now i’m a mechanical animal just like marilyn manson
i shook all the nerves i’m no longer feeling frantic
i know what to do i already know not to panic
can’t play with this sh-t no i ain’t taking no chances
now i been making moves been making moves like a dancer

yeah i’m dancing in the showers yea yeah
dancing in the showers yea yeah
cause it’s raining money
married to it that’s my honey
24 karat kobe bunny
my nickname if we talking stunting know you love it
i started balling fell in love with the luxury
hop out big bodies diamonds dancing i need me a custom piece
i’m a whole other level so i already know you can’t f-ck with me
if i ain’t shoving my d-ck in you baby girl then don’t come for me

cause it’s time got no time to ever f-cking waste
this the 2nd phase
i’m trying to engage
trying reach to my target tryna get within range
so i could make some change
cause sh-t is so strange
take over the world could give a f-ck about my age
so n-gga don’t complain you wouldn’t wanna see my rage
you try to cast your judgement but don’t know ya opinions vague
but ima do right and k!ll everything with this drakeee
in cartiers cause the frame thicker
there ain’t goals that i have that i can’t picture
all my enemies getting the same image
only shots to his head cause the pain quicker

ima don so i gotta think bigger
from the music to business a lane switcher
when its said and done i’ll have a drank witchu
but for now i’m getting paid n-gga

f-cked up i got caught in the limelight
realizing i ain’t get the time right
had to fall back and get my mind right
now i’m seeing failures in hindsight

battle of disbeliefs is what i call life
staying 10 toes in this long fight
get it off the muscle yea its all might
ima god with this can’t drop the mic

i got waves that you couldn’t cover with a durag
you mad who’s back doubting me i wouldn’t do that
a fire that could blaze anything that you threw at it
you average ima cool b-st-rd i’ll shoot at ya now who’s laughing

simply got some sh-t you know you can’t ignore it
can’t ignore it yea
can’t ignore it
can’t ignore it yea

tik tok
finna make a pit stop
f-ck ya b-tch to my music
she gon make the kidz bop
everytime my sh-t drop
fall & pray it don’t flop
im getting money order more
i’m the one yo b-tch watch

potato patata n-gga
i’m better than a lot of n-ggas
shining brighter than the sun that’s why i feel like the father figure
don’t worry i got em n-gga
lmk if there’s a problem n-gga
break a broke n-gga up if ever outta pocket n-gga

you ain’t with the sh-ts boy
i know you a b-tch boy
f-cking with my toy soldier he finna play with his toys
add you to the list boy i’m on the scene i’m making noise
look like the money team n-gga call me floyd
i’m the king of kings gave em no choice

vision clear i see now
coming off the rebound
fastbreak for the 3 now
i’m where i wanna be now
everything on fleek now
shooters hollering glee now
this ain’t for the weak nah
can’t let em take a peek nah

tomato tomato n-gga
look like i hit the lotto n-gga
freak nasty b-tch with me sum like mulatoo n-gga
mob the motto n-gga
smoking on gelato n-gga
emptied out the bottle n-gga
too real to ever follow n-ggas

you can’t
u can’t
ignore it
no you can’t
you can’t
ignore it

back in this b-tch blow me a kiss i’m out of that slumber
i had to handle some sh-t cause sh-t hit the surface young n-gga i felt like the plumber
chilling in london walking back on these tracks i’m finna f-ck up the summer
im the don ya should embrace me n-gga but then you too close for comfort

n-gga don’t play with me
gotta bunch of k!llers who stay with me
and they’ll knock a n-gga head off of courtesy
acting like you never heard of me
these streets getting served from me
dare a n-gga try to murder me

my profile giving em hope
loving my style they know im the goat
i should walk around worried about who?
before i pop tell me who want the smoke
deuce deuce tucked in this muh f-cking coat
but i ain’t gotta show it i ain’t gotta gloat
just know if you tripping b-tch that’s yo
just like these diamonds that n-gga get soaked

threw the lob to my shooter now he bangin in this sh-t
extended clip hollow tips got the laser beam equipped
he giving em h-ll he dropping them sh-lls he don’t care who the f-ck get hit
if he get hit n-gga then he get it
i don’t give a sh-t karma is my b-tch

this is just the receipt for what ya paid for
you reap what you sow n-gga should i say more
can’t move first off instincts gotta think more
don’t care to be adored but i’m the one you can’t ignore

you can’t ignore it yea yea
yea yeeeee
yea yeeeee