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letra de 21 blunt$ - 13rox7n blxckyxxk the v


you did all fine bro give me high five
21 blunts, i’m not that high enough
my energy creates revolution cut wifi
don’t tyna f-ck with your wifey
go be with your family
be alive, when i talk with you its like a.i
be ally, feel right
i found aliens in my eye
i’ve got 51 song since 16
if you curious enough you can see me
fast and furious
give me the beat
see you again
the taste is bitter, f-ck baiters, f-ck hate
sorry if i cut your speed out
you can’t catch me so you stop for listening huh?
my music like seeds it spread out
don’t cut my energy, down babe down
system down, anarchy
p-ss them off
they don’t have face to talk with me now
look at my sight
all days like doom till dawn
can’t lose my breath until (uh) it’s done
if you wanna take plessure use d-ld-,sl-t
and feel rhymes. high white and soft clouds
melt, rhye, euphoria, oh f-cking sloth
forgive my mistakes then close my case close
one shot, ro-7n, sorry for fading out
don’t want your toxic energy, f-ck y’all
don’t create disease you energy vampire
cats dying, childeren dying when you suck (ha)
don’t murder, all lives matter, i’m sceaming out
give life, all people mesmerised
i raised fine
i raised like fire
i fix time, oh shut up sirens

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