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letra de stuck in the sky - ユアネス-yourness-


i dont wanna hurt you
im sorry
theres, theres blood everywhere
i dont know what to do

your so cold and thin in my hands
im losing everday
i dont have a plan
maybe i could move away
fly to the east
back to my home town
i dont wanna be here
i just wanna touch the ground
its not okay
is it really okay
do you think itll be okay?
can things truly be okay?
okay, ill believe you
ill believe you for now

somtimes i wish i could let everything go
get lost in the wind
blow past the ash

been stuck in the sky for way too long
i can’t get back down
help me out
i wanna get back down

sedated like this
i can’t move my limbs i have no strength
left like this
her voice i miss

wish i could hold hands with the clock
guide them back to start
cried so hard my nose bled
i can feel my open skin rot
holding up every spot in my heart
im left to start
from what i forgot
so many years ago
leaving imprints in the sky
in rememerance of life
calm down?
okay im trying my best to calm down