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letra de when you tell me that you love me – dolly parton

(albert hammond & john bettis)

i wanna feel this way
longer than time
i wanna know your dreams
and make them mine
i wanna change the world
only for you
all the impossible
i wanna do

i wanna hold you close under the rain
i wanna kiss your smile
and feel your pain
i know what’s beautiful
looking at you
here in a world of lies
you are the true


and baby
everytime you touch me
i become a hero

i’ll make you safe no matter where you are
and bring you
anything you ask for
nothing is above me
i’m shining like a candle in the dark
when you tell me that you love me

i wanna make you see
just what i was
show you the loneliness
and what it does
you walked into my life
to stop my tears
everything’s easy now
i have you here

repeat chorus

in a world without you
i would always hunger
all i need is your love to make me stronger

repeat chorus

- letras de dolly parton