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letra de when the chips are down – game

[lloyd banks]

yee! [laughs]

[chorus: lloyd banks]

these n-gg-s wanna see me
cuz of the way i shine
but it aint that easy
to get mine
you get ya -ss laid down

[voice in beat]

the paint is peelin?
when the chips are down
you gotta lose all feelin
your head goes round n? round

[verse 1: lloyd banks]

funny how the world revolves around my click
cuz just a year ago a n-gg- ain?t have sh-t (d-mn)
me and my right hand share the same outfit
which fueled the fire that i air the game out with (whoo)
it?s amazing the way that boy came out quick
for that platinum n-gg-s?ll blows ya brains out, sh-t (bap)
i?m the new n-gg- the others can?t stand
the rubberband man be god d-mned if i can (oh)
let another n-gg- fill my spot
if a n-gg-s steal from me it?s the steel i pop
i?m on my grind so if you thought i chill, i?m not
gon’ stop lettin that steering peel on the block, why not?

[chorus x2]

[verse 2: the game]

banks they think i?m yayos replacement, nah
i borrowed his gunits to walk through the matrix
i?m signed to the doctor i ain?t got no patience
so he put me with 50 cent now i got a face lift
magazines wanna know where they f-ck l.a. been
it almost died in the same car suge got grazed in
2001 i was playin my playstation
i heard 9 shots , i?m face down with my heart pacing
all i could think about as hidin? my gun and my drugs in the bas-m-nt
it was either that or the state pen
i woke up out of that coma
police waitin? for a statement? (heart monitor beeps to flatline)


[verse 3: lloyd banks]

p-ss the weed and let a n-gg- get into a zone
papa left me all alone in the world to roam
but now i?m grown, millionaires on my cell phone
a year past now, caw dead and l gone
and i?m sick, bought chopper with a long click
so think about that before you make your songs d-ck (d-ck)
or lose a limb, please don?t get me confused with him (uh uh)
cause i?m down to go a whole round, lose or win
if i should die, ride a g through the hood with pride (ride)
every strip, block, and projects is on my side
i?m ghetto calm by the 100 grand on my arms (arms)
sick watching of a 100 grand on my charm (whoo)? broke n-gg-

[chorus x2]

- letras de game