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letra de welcome to the rodeo – lil skies


welcome to the rodeo
shawty wanna f-ck me cuz a n-gg- wearing gold
i came up and made it happen i was trappin’ by the store
big dope inside this backwood incase this n-gg- want smoke
do me dirty i’ma find you lay yo -ss all on the floor
19 wit a bag i got rich by myself
rather do this sh-t alone i wasn’t askin’ for no help
they keep askin’ how i’m winnin’ with the car that i was dealt
boy i work hard for this sh-t and i ain’t bucklin’ my belt
call my brother on the phone he said broski you a star
i said brother hold it down and soon we’ll all be living large
and it’s crazy how last year was sellin’ c-ke out my garage
now i’m in a good position for this life cannot sabotage
i ain’t foldin’ under pressure i ain’t switchin’ for no hoe
i ain’t talkin’ to no cop and i ain’t tellin’ on my bros
ain’t no k!ller but don’t push me fingers itchin’ on that pole
n-gg-s plottin’ on my come up gotta watch they at my nose
long nights i sold drugs just to hit the studio
now i’m eatin’ steak and shrimp b-tch i ain’t eatin’ sloppy joe
look into the mirror flexin’ now a n-gg-

- letras de lil skies