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letra de wbau 90.3 wildman steve & dj riz live freestyle – necro

[necro verse 1]

my flow is vile
like the cancer in lyle
the necrophile
will drink the bile
of p-rnstar isis nile
kids never know its me when i cause terror
cause i change my face to the grill of joey silvera
necro drinks the ovum of a woman that stinks
i got tiffany mynx chained up in gucci links
i’ll make you eat my defacation that’s brown like champagne
you’ll get your mamilla pierced like misty rain
i’d like to take your r-ct-m and cook it
i’m doing p-rnos like bobbit
but my phallus is far from crooked
the women i kidnap have no choice
all you girls that are listening you can m-st-rb-t- to my voice
there’s no need to fear me
i know you wish you were near me
cause your touching yourself as you hear me
im leaving blood drippin down amy fisher’s hips
necro rips, apart mary joe’s lips
necro devours
your tush for 12 hours
inside tubs and showers
i got the brain of ed powers
she shall dance
inside the back seats of galants
i rape dirty debutants from france
being a p-rn star is far from the b-mmers
i got suzanne summers stripping in randy west newc-mmers
captain carnage, eat the cartilage

[captain carnage verse 1]
[goretex verse 1]
[ill bill verse 1]

[necro verse 2]

i had s-x with sarafina
i’ll crush your skull with a huge phallus like alex
did to the ballerina
but not natasha
i live next to danasha
i kill females with male pudenda like sasha
i know you hate my rhymes of crud
like albert fish
i ate grace budd, i -j-c-l-t- blood
in a pot, your mammary glands i’m stirring
i’ll have you work up a sweat till your thirsty
then make you drink my urine
your flesh necro recycles
i do p-rn like sean michaels ,tom byron, and tt boy
i’ll bust nuts on angie bouwer
you diss you’ll be found dead
in the dark alley like ron hightower
i’ll be killing c-ck diesel boys from gold’s gym
as my bl–dy black member swings like a pendulum
peace out to all you jailbirds doing bids
i eat decapitated squids i kill kids that sport skids
i’m gonna lick your mammas’s bl–dy fetus
i go to the village and kill grunge girls that sport adidas
i’m eating my dinner on the back of a white slave
i defecate on the whole idea of wack rave
i’m gonna make you eat my cr-p
if you can’t rap i’ll strangle you with rage’s bra strap
necrophiliac p-ss it to captain carnage

[captain carnage verse 2]
[goretex verse 2]
[ill bill verse 2]

[necro verse 3]
i torture rave kids that look like jon lovitz
bend foward kid and taste your own crevice
i sodomize with glocks strangle you with socks
don’t you dare ruin my dinner of chopped up female b-ttocks
im gonna bring
evil to all species then defecate feces
down the throats of he-shes
i murdered andy gibb
i got nina hartley’s decrepit body
stashed out in john stagliano’s crib
no fib, i’m mad p-rno like rocco siffredi
give me a machete and you’ll be left with a blood soaked t-tty
before i eat you i let your corpse settle
i’m in to death metal
i’m distorted like a distortion pedal
i’m down with captain carnage
ready to eat your cartilage
reverend goretex got the hundred round cartridge
for the calico 950 to rob your pills
and ill bills
got the krills
lord black soap got the thick rope to hang the pope
you can’t cope, cause there’s no hope
eriz hustler give me some mersh and bricks
so i can sell the kids in canarsie some fat nicks
ming the merciless made connie chung drink your p-ss
and send soon-yi prev(in) to heaven
i be the septic schizo
i’m cutting up your body like the hands of yussie rizzo
gore too, dennis the menace and jez
don’t kill n-body
don’t kill n-body
unless you got the shotty
i p-ss it over to captain carnage, captain carnage

[captain carnage verse 3]
[goretex verse 3]
[ill bill verse 3]

- letras de necro