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letra de waving – gong

you ask me what
makes anger
you ask me why we
you ask me how to
kill a fire or turn
another page
you ask me what
makes lightning
strike or
why the rain brings
what burns a nation
down to sand
why war spills so
much blood

and just for a
i thought you saw
me wave
but you were
looking the other

you ask me how i
taught myself to
turn the force
look fear & anger in
the eyes & turn it
into sound
you ask if i can ride
the wave of
dangerous emotion
and if bitter
are the measure of
my p-ssion

and just for a
i thought i caught
your eye
but you were
turning the other

when you were a
young one you took
the road you
wanted you didn’t
live to compromise
you took the world
in with yr eyes & cut
yr portion down to

size & as you grew
we always knew
that yoo were not
for turning

but when you take
this path in life
remember that you
light the fire you
burn in.

- letras de gong