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letra de visions – xsmph

[verse 1]
she told me to start off with a simple rhyme
and i’ll find what i’ve done was just a waste of time
lacking ideas without the words you say
but i’m clutch, all in, just to win the game
i just wanted to be heard f-ck the girls and fame
how can i let a little wealth force me to change
but i won’t, bang my chest and taunt
cause reality has my payroll gaunt
yet we always have a way to stunt and flex
forever representing northside houston tex
where any sorta green can relieve our stress
so i’m bouta come out, and nut on the chest
i’ll never be close to your mental image
a chemist, out to get dough but always labeled a villain
thought i was kidding, this is the start of an experience
f-ck these d-ckies, changing up the whole appearance

[verse 2]
indecisive about life or death
but the p-ssion in what we do make me count my years left
and everything i’m a miss
rap beats and guitar picks
and smashing these potential starlets (oh)
but other then that, i just rather rush the experience
to many fakes, it’s like a world full of delirious
can’t even say a word, i’m just a little to curious
to know why these n-gg-s around are so furious
d-mn, i’ll never see myself living that way
i can’t change, i won’t change, no matter what you say
if this ain’t real, sh-t i rather be fake
cause i’ve seen the green side, i’ve tasted the cake
and i ain’t stopping til the top of the pyramid
the only vision i imagined ever since i was a kid

- letras de xsmph