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letra de vice & virtue – ambient vale

brainless, mindless foolishness
it’s the reason i’ve been missing
in this world of moraless wickedness
the line between evil and righteousness
is soon to be erased, permanently from existence

the light dims more by each night
each dark and immoral night is worse than the last
look upon him as he lowers the mast
growing more evil as time p-sses

run run run
here comes the sun
i know i’m strugglin’
but i’ll never be as bad as you
unless you really want me to
so don’t push my b-ttons
i’ll cross the line between vice and virtue

sometimes you feel a little stronger
but don’t let it make you proud
cause there’s nothing more annoying
more than someone with pride in their heart

the truths of him
will be revealed in time
without hesitation, without a goodbye
they’ll be left in flames to die

- letras de ambient vale