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letra de unleash the bastards – municipal waste


millions lay dead
resistance is futile
armies are crushed
bodies thrown in piles
rich white man’s dream
once gained through the machines
brought pain to this world
through bloodl-st and greed
the new hounds of war
mechanical b-st-rds
ripping through flesh
destroying their masters
programmed to kill

destroying at will
the brilliant turned fools
punished by their tools

the time has come
for all your leaders to die
electrified hate
your blood an their circuits will fry
bring on the war
unleash the b-st-rds
prisoners no more
destroying their masters
fleets take the night
destroying mankind
those that revolt
will rip blood from their throats

wise up and see your fate
witness the mechanical advance
rise up but it’s too late
you should have stood up when you had the chance

but now the world’s a living h-ll
the smell of death is all you smell
the ground is scorched
the air is black
the sound of your neck being snapped
what was an earth worth fighting for?
now destroyed by the corporate wh-r-
an over load of greed and wealth
who’s gonna save them from themselves?