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letra de triumph (freestyle) – black cobain

i gotta praise got i’m alive
and we’re gonna miss you whitney, thanks clyde
sorry for the wait, cheers on the way though
maneuver through the street, couple goons on the pay
juice love a n-gg-, she gonna see a millie
i can get her to buck couple hoes when she with me
gather round [?] that’s if you still with me
stacks in the jeans, i ain’t trying to meet billie
mike jack one glove, moon walking on the haters
cocaine smile spending, checking out at vegas
cosmos, everything straight [?]
n-gg- get into [?] get out the [?] larry david
spikes on the sneaks bottom [?] for the freaks
n-gg- i’m a dawg on the track, i need a leash
mo got the streets [?] and i’ve been getting money
since the day of motorola
[?] said we looking like the rock
and we don’t ask prices over here, we just cop
[?] blowing ghost face killer
and barbie [?] to those who [?] up the liquor
waddup, [?] hip hop forever, n-gg- this the groove
somebody tell stella
listen to my ego, n-gg- why bother
if she let you f-ck the night
n-gg- why call her?
n-gg- this a marathon
slow it down, b-tch see me on 106, she hoping now
she was bad back then, but i don’t know this now
all black everything, you know who run the town
[?] we back [?] adversity [?]
lord [?] had it b-mping and the crown v
breakfast club man, i’m trying to [?]
haha, i’m the sh-t, where the toilet paper
when you get in [?] n-gg- you ignore the haters
cognac black, i need 5 shots
board administration, until my heart stops
cheers on the way, n-gg- know that
cheers on the way, n-gg- know that
cheers on the way, n-gg- know that
cheers on the way, n-gg- know that
cognac black, yeah i be the sh-t
cognac black, yeah i f-ck your b-tch
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- letras de black cobain