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letra de trials – khamali king


as i pray for you, it was nice to know you when i known you as a loner
seen the world cascading murders on the daily, i’m never head shaking i just watch where i sleep
in a sp-ce where my mind is a bleep, trying to figure out how i can compete
standing the test of time seems to be a scary feat, its like having a blank mind staring at a blank sheet
and i can never overwrite my wrongs, if i put em in a song then i’ll have to face the music
ears being pierced i swear to god i’m going through it, tug-of-war with myself pulling me i’m influenced
black pool of g-nius come and drown in some true sh-t, my flaws on the b-ssline i see you’re numb to it
even on my worse day on a cold day in h-ll, it’s gonna be a coldplay when you see what i entail
through every detail won’t derail this train of thought, put the pieces together and created noah’s arc
they all frail how they crumble under pressure, the show must go on i’ll take on all the attention
mastermind of the time come and peep the lesson, show you how to move in a room full of blessings
make your next move your best when you playing with a veteran, they don’t know greatness when they see it staring right at them
cameras get angles money’s been getting dangled, chasing a false dream will have you falling for anything too
pac taught me to live and die by what i say, hov taught me how to own everything i make
kanye taught me how to give soul to the people, nas taught me you could be great at any age
cole taught me if there’s a will then there’s a way, seen kendrick hit the stage at kunta’s sessions and amaze
sitting and watching tired of sitting and watching, started plotting and planning and acting on every promise
21 years of age looking in my face, if there was ever a day to start today is that day
put it all on display using my art to convey, crafting my lost tape my so far gone that goes without say
for pete sake i would say i plead my case, throw the book at me if you want welcome to my judgement day wait