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letra de to build a wall – will varley

before time and swallows go
to chase the sun, escape the snow
as long as ten preachers (phone!?)

there will be ways to build a wall
oh there’ll be ways to build a wall

out of stone, out of sticks
out of steel and concrete bricks
out of oceans, divide as all
there’s many ways to build a wall x2

take this coat so you’ll be warm
on those far and distant sh-r-s
and i will wait here for your call
long as it takes to climb the walls x2

there’s twentyfour thousand miles
between someones back and someones smile
who owns the land on which they walk
who owns the cracks between the walls x2

take this rose and this last kiss
and as you row remember this
that wenn the last petal falls
they will still be building walls x2

out of fear out of lies
out of money out of time
out of faith and cannon b-lls
there’s many ways to build a wall x2

take our daughter in your hand
take her from this broken land
so some day she may grow tall
and see the truth behind the walls x2

- letras de will varley