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letra de the more that i say – ball in the house

i think it? s time i told you just what i? ve been thinking
i feel i? m being held back
you see it? s hard because my thoughts are so one-sided
it? s only answers that i lack
you take all that you want and leave the broken pieces
but my heart has no seams
you must know, i mean, as least as much as i do
what the black hole really means
the more that i say, oh, the less that i know
the more that i feel, i don? t know where to go
the more that i do, you just turn away
now, i have nothing more to say
you made you mind up but you made it sure i don? t know
oh, which way i should turn
i wish you? d get out of that mess that? s up in my head
i wish that i could just learn
[vocal instrumental]
chorus 3x (then fade out)

- letras de ball in the house