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letra de the death of jerry damron – dock boggs

in the head of marrowbone holler, where the crystal waters flow, jerry damron met disasterup there on the c.
and o.
as he left the coaldale junctionon the head end of his train, thinking not of unseen dangers, frosty nights or drenchin’ rain.
perhaps his thoughts were of his sweetheartand on some earthly paradise, when his car gave indicationsthat it was riding on the ties.
then he got to safety, to make successful land, then there comes that old, old story, one misstep or slip of hand.
far from the darkness came destruction, and the truth we’ll never know, of the feeling’s of that train crewup there on the c.
and o.
quick the angel c-ck was opened, but, alas, it came too late, jerry’s soul had departedthrough that far off golden gate.
then we see the tool car p-ssingwith the boom a-swinging lowas if it was mournin’ for jerryup there on the c.
and o.
jerry, we miss you and we wonderif you see the c.
and o.
and your friends that are still mournin’ for youwhere the marrowbone waters flow.
jerry, we hope you’re among the angelsway up there above the stars, where there’ll be no more worry, ridin’ heavy trains or cars.
now you’re sleeping, gently sleeping, where the big sandy breezes blow, but your memory’s still with usup and down the c.
and o.
and it’s just another story, while friends sometimes must part, while your soul has gone to glory, there remains a broken heart.

- letras de dock boggs