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letra de the change (part 2) – tingsek

[verse 1]
it’s changing
it’s ready to never go back, it’s changing
it’s out of hand and it’s way off track and it’s breaking
it’s falling apart, crack by crack it’s breaking

[verse 2]
you know it but still you do nothing about it
you know it
but do you know what’s best for you?
i doubt it
you grow it
somewhere in the back where no one ever finds it
you grow it
[verse 3]
so why don’t we just call it
and how are we still thinking about it
i just wanna tell you to stick it
’cause we will never make it
there must be something greater
that we’re supposed to do together
now, that’s just lies the making
we know to well that we’re mistaken

[verse 4]
so let’s do it
let’s just shake on it and pack things up
let’s just do it
not just a break from it, let’s get away from it
let’s just do that
i’ll miss you every second of the day
if it comes to that
i think i’m gonna loose it

- letras de tingsek