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letra de the asshole anthem – necro

{intro – from commando film]
cooke: “f-ck you -sshole!”
matrix: “f-ck you -sshole.”
[hook] [x2] (ani difranco – used to you)
i’m still here because i got nothing else to do
you’re an -sshole but i’m getting used to you
i like the fact that you talk incessantly
i got a thing for -ssholes who tell good stories
that’s why i’m singing it
i wanna f-ck your -sshole and stick a finger in it
unless you’re my f-ck buddy
you got your period?
i’ll f-ck you bl–dy
study the tactics of an -sshole
it takes practice to mack like this
you’re just an average, frustrated chump
telling her she’s beautiful is unsuitable
you’re better off calling her a doodie bowl
negative sh-t will get you in bed with her quicker
f-ck with her head, women are sick
i might not put any work in
while your jerkin’ me off
suckin’, your neck hurtin’
i don’t c-m quick so i might not squirt for an hour from now
i admit it i’m a jerk
check my blackberry while you slurp
show you no respect cause you’re a herpes lurch
so i smack you and choke you into the bed frame
you like the way i keep sh-t hard & gutter
cause you’re a p-ssy fart cutter
when you stick your b-m out
you make me wanna dumb out
you’re the sh-t that comes out
you want fake d-cups?
street puppies
a mansion?
f-ck you!
before she gets half of the math
i’ll cut her in half and laugh
divorce her from her torso
her private parts in conjunction
i’m trying to f-ck skins
i’ll teach you the proverbial holy grail
treat ya the way you teach her to teach ya
you always like it rugged[?]
chugging down buckets of j-sm
i’ll f-ck you like a thug in prison
make you suck it like a sl-t organism
got love sick female stalkers
treat ’em like streetwalkers in public
i want mine, nice thighs, large size t-ts
there’s beautiful women everywhere
at the coffee shop, the office, the gym or the street
go find her and f-ck her
“you’re an -sshole, man.”

- letras de necro