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letra de that’s life – three miles out

i have a hard time think’in about anything.
i keep my mind tied up i can’t think of a thing.
i’m so wrapped up in the world i can’t see clear.

i have a hard time dealing with those little things.
it keeps me all hung up on the trouble it brings.
it all adds up to a world that’s not sincere.

always running on overtime.
i’m goin outside, inside, upside down.
that may seem hard but that’s life.

i spend all my time doing nothing at all.
i only walk where it’s soft just incase i should fall.
it all adds up to a world that’s full of fear.

i spend all my money on stupid things.
if i had my way i’d own everything.
there’s nothing left in this world that’s not for sale.

- letras de three miles out