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letra de teach me to trust – dolly parton

maybe because it’s too good to be true maybe because i want it so much
maybe i fear you don’t really mean it for i feel i’m never enough

but i want you more than i ever wanted anything i can recall
but something inside keeps saying you’ll hurt me do i dare to trust it at all

teach me to trust darling you must or else i’ll go out of my mind
when i’m not near you i always fear you have somebody else on the line

is it a fear or is it a knowing a jealousy born out of truth
cause i watch you flirt and it’s how you embrace them
with your eyes that say i could lose

teach me to trust make me feel loved tell me i’ve no need to fear
just make me feel safe whatever it takes tell me what i need to hear

cause i need to feel important and special your cherished and only true love
and sometimes i think i’ll die from this feeling if you don’t teach me to trust
can’t you reach me and teach me to trust

- letras de dolly parton