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letra de tango and thrash – municipal waste

in a town full of crime
the toughest cops
bruised and beaten down
but will not be stopped! yeah!

a criminal mind’s elaborate plan
to gain his profits back again
unloading trucks of guns and drugs
without another police bust

what’s his plan? i don’t know
he probablt wants to kill ’em slow
but little does this -sshole know
he’s f-cking with the tango…
and thrash!

crime fighting dudes with att-tudes
one’s real polite; the other’s rude
drug dealers better watch yer -ss
or you will have to face the wrath of tango and thrash!

they’ll fight ’em all until they’re dead
and lift the bounty on their heads
against all odds our heroes fight
through drug lords and the fbi
of course out heroes will prevail
and send his -ss straight to h-ll

criminals better watch your -ss
or you will have to face the wrath!

- letras de municipal waste