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letra de south of heaven – nerf herder

?an unforeseen future nestled somewhere in time.
unsuspecting victims no warnings, no signs.
judgment day the second coming arrives.
before you see the light baby you must die.
forgotten children, conform a new faith,
avidity and l-st controlled by hate.
never ending search for your shattered sanity,
souls of d-mnation in their own reality.
?on and on, south of heaven (x 4)

b-st-rd sons beget your c-nting daughters,
promiscuous mothers with your incestuous fathers.
engreat souls condemned for all eternity,
sustained by immoral observance a domineering deity.
the root of all evil is the heart of a black soul.
a force that has lived all eternity.
a never ending search for a truth never told.
the loss of all hope and your dignity.

燨n and on, south of heaven (x 4)

chaos rapamt

meow (4x)

- letras de nerf herder