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letra de seal of secrecy – atrocity

[music: m. roderer / lyrics: a. krull]

a deep grey nursery
creche a poor and dirty cage
dreams of wonderland
will never come true in this world

born into this misery
never knowing any reason why
cowering on the dirty floor
bed-ridden, beaten – every day

…under the seal of secrecy

eyes full of pain
belonging to the weaker s-x
staring into sp-ce
so many years of hopelessness

in prison without any guilt
the children of no home and love
and they sing:
nursery rhymes out of their mind
without sense – sad cries for help

…under the seal of secrecy

growing into apathy
enduring every use of force
body like a numb limb
without ache – but soul is still alive

…under the seal of secrecy

[lead: t. bauer]

- letras de atrocity