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letra de scumbags – necro

(feat. goretex)

[chorus: necro]
willing to start killin
cause i got no feelings inside
so what your dead kid, you ain’t special
millions have died
you think sh-t’s funny
you’ll laugh in a ditch
after you get your face ripped off
or your left with half of your lips
even with a chest strapped with a vest
no one’s safe cause this evil infests
and stays trapped in your flesh
i life, you learn it’s a risk
you could get burned to a crisp
you won’t know, it could be your turn to be stiff

[verse 1: goretex]
ronnie called, said we gotta dig a hole for some pigs
wench in the crib, i smelled her from the stench in his fridge
keepin’ the chicks on booze, they better broke and in debt
hopeless and stressed, we feed them off c-ke to forget
garbage bag em, 20 tacks to the windpipe
sit tight! my surgical gloves service a midwife
sprinkled powdered x, trifle on the blonde beaver
ay yo satans back, and he just made the cover of don diva
some mail order teens, from philippines
s-x puppet, quadriplegic, with bigger t-ts from creatine
thuggin it, me and my drug covenant, we on some money sh-t
thorazine, b-tches fillet, stay in my dungeon pit

[verse 2: necro]
yo mitch, we gotta burn a pair of t-ts
i murdered this fat b-tch, now it’s time to incinerate her slit
kid, uncle howie’s new girlfriends is a cyborg
electronical vocal cords, spanish robotic wh-r-
this b-tch is kit, howie came over for a hit
he asked me for 10 bucks so he could go shoot up some sh-t
put him on a cover, filmed the video, mordecai was smokin crack
yamaka and all that, so give him dap
we’re takin fat pieces of sh-ts, enslaving them
and attaching them to horses, and cracking ’em with the whip
i got gene computer guys brain fried
sent him back to the projects with the roaches, so he commit suicide
his mothers obscene, she had a wart attached to her face
the size of a grape, had it cut it off with a laser beams
put a gun to his head, should of bust a lead
cause that depressed f-ggot is cancerous i’m walking dead
mail and b-tches, c-ckroaches and pictures
of asian b-tches, l with shotties in the mouth i’m s-d-stic
i had her sucking barrel, flashin crotch
my p-rnographic thirty two panel insert is hot

[verse 3: goretex]
we carry heat
howie rock the whole fleet
caddy jeeps, heated seats
party favors, snow, icebergs sheets
i like chicks with over bites, make the urinal sweet
pullin my meat, bust off we tossin’ off on they cheeks
rap s-d-st, with homemade balze and face lifts
i’m from brooklyn, home of the beat box and rapists
now i cruise cali, f-ck jakes, fakes, and cash wh-r-s
drivin up the coast, cocaine stuck to my dashboard
y’all b-tches nauseate me, knowing that scort is a tool
you mad corny, cause you probably watch p-rn for the dudes
sellin’ your m3 for azt in the test tubes
seconds too late, the man made serum infects you


- letras de necro