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letra de root of all – lucki


this is a high quality film, right?
yo, -cough- yo yo, aye aye

that’s incredible, i move like the weather do, aye
while we up in the night, make up something special boo, aye
you call him your shooter, i know him, he’ll tell on you, aye
what that bread’ll do, i change like the weather do, aye
i got thin blood, i go where the weather cool, aye
i’m on big drugs, i’m leaning with healthy food, aye
dude, what is love, your family is vultures too, aye
you call me your brother, i call you a lesson learned, aye
i smoke cookie pack, my homie be sneaking home, aye
should’ve took it back, i lose it, not coming home, aye
feel i’m turning back, aye, feel like going wrong, aye
go get me some spam, aye, go make me some spam, aye
sick of making friends, bother me and make amends, aye
sick of fast cars, big suburban with no friends
that’s a bad broad, count my money, then my friends
been a foggy day, never sunny in this benz, aye
keep that far away, more money, they disappear, aye
i’m one call away, but don’t hit me, i’m here in spirit, aye
i call day to day, the further you get my way, aye, woah
yo, yo, aye, what that bread’ll do, i hope you get better, dude
uh, aye, aye, aye, what that bread’ll do, i hope you get better, boo
aye, n-gg-s sad business, that pity might pay for you, aye
she not into drugs, oh, what, i’m just special, boo, aye
i’m not into clubs them lights just is round you, aye, woah, aye
what that bread’ll do, what that bread’ll do
what that, yo

real mud sipping though, haha