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letra de ready – black rob

ready on the left, ready on the right

yo, br, what up my dog
what up, okay
yo kick that thing you kicked in the studio
aight, yeah yo, what’s that joint?

round town, i’m bound shake the ground
shake the town, wave the pound lays you down

round town, i’m bound shake the ground
shake the town, wave the pound lays you down

[verse one]
and that’s how we approach these f-ggots
trying to grow and be fly, but they still maggots
i’m sure all i gotta do is call my man
forty cal, watch yourself, i’ll spoil your plans
i’m the uptop gangsta, the star in the hood
one of the few mu’f-ckas that ain’t scared of suge
fam, that was 9-5, man f-ck the past
see n-gg-s out there frontin, bodyguards up they -ss, man

[chorus one]
he’s black rob, he’s okay
play and you’ll get robbed today

[verse two]
ya’ll know how i’m coming through the source awards
“somebody’s jewels got jacked,” man it must’ve been yours
ya’ll dudes be talkin out the side of your mouth
so i put the gem star on the side of your mouth
ya’ll ain’t sell no records, made no cash yet
f-ck dude, cause my n-gg-s is goons in every aspect
and don’t get beside yourself
a lot of sh-t gonna be f-cked up beside your health, man

[chorus two]
he’s black rob, he’s a thug
f-ck with him you’ll get f-cked up

[verse three]
fam, i don’t threaten dudes, that’s a promise
that’s honest, you can kiss my ring and pay homage (-kiss noise-)
or get smart, read books by nostradomus
meanwhile, i’m deep-sea diving, oceanomics
i seen green, more green than the sonics
more green than the geico lizard, the grand wizard
the 9-mil stalk, i walk up on a n-gg-
put the 9 to his throat, watch him shake like the pope (brrrr)

[chorus three]
he’s black rob, he’s our friend
(?) is back again

[verse four]
aw man, ya’ll n-gg-s done got me hype
that’s it, we fit the same stereotype
if a n-gg- wanna wild, we can do that too
f-ck the model b-tches, well we can screw that too
yeah, man, notice i said “we,” she’s a j-u-m-p
man, off top, fam, i got figures
in the game she’s f-ckin with all the top n-gg-s (it’s true)

[chorus four]
he’s black rob, he’s our man
if he can’t do it, no one can!

[verse five]
yeah, bout to put the whole game on smash
alumni, i put the whole name on smash
after this, they gon’ wanna lace me plenty
who’s your man, cause they can’t make a jc penney
who’s your bad boy? br, back with the nutritious
black attacks like a pit bull – vicious
it’s goin down, fam, i’ma bout to shake the ground
it’s uptown, holla at your man

ready on the left… ready on the right

- letras de black rob