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letra de queen – happy rhodes

i am your


given to me at birth by virtue of my poverty
i was made for you to rule benevolently
i’ll never ask you to kneel you’ve had enough
i’ve accepted my place very reluctantly

everyone who’s ever felt the burning of awareness
has journeyed to my kingdom looking for acceptance
give me all your tired because i am your


i’m like lady jane grey appointed to my post
by reasons of default i am your humble host
it’s not like i can heal i’m not the medication
just a symbol of hurt

i give you dedication

what am i to do with all your broken hearts?
and who will take care of me royalty can come apart
so give me all your tired because i am your

queen –

come unto me, find your reprieve

i’ll be your …

commute all your sentences, give you charity, full
immunity and love

i just woke up one day and i had a city of damaged
what is it about me, that brings all the broken souls
to my front door, thinking i mirror their lives?
well, if i did, i can’t any longer.

and here am i today sitting on my throne
n-body serves me i govern all alone
it isn’t fair i’m highly under-qualified

so give me all your tired

and i’ll be your


i’ll be your


i’ll be your …

i’ll pardon your ills and your crimes, my bl–dy arms
give you sanctuary.

i’ll be your queen come unto me

i’ll be your mercy.

- letras de happy rhodes