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letra de protest song ’68 – refused

“to sing you must first open your mouth. you must have a pair of lungs and a little knowledge of music. it is not neccessary to have an accordion, or a guitar. the essential thing is that i want to sing. then this is a song, i’m singing.” [-h. miller]

i breathe in & i, i create
invoke the spirit ’68
fresh meaning to torn ideas
let’s bring life to old clichés
punch a hole in tradition, yeah!
let’s listen to the songs of discontent
to the chords & the movement
to the chords & the movement

it could all be so simple
we would all stand baffled by the precision & accuracy
our jaws would hurt from dropping so hard, fast & unexpectedly
it would be the perfect metaphor
be the perfect song we’d be singing

i breathe out & i scream
invoke malatesta’s dream
inspiration from the past
focus to the future at last
fixed dogmas can’t subst-tute
creative thought & action

it could be dangerous
art as a real threat

all it is it words
words said a million time before
all it is is a song
a song sung a million times before

i breathe in, i create
invoke the spirit ’68
i breathe out, i scream
invoke malatestas dream

- letras de refused