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letra de pit – necro

start a pit!
start a pit!

[verse 1:]
i’m a dragon spitting out magma
pop bangers, leave you like chopped angus
hold an axe like genghis gun, i’m like a young genghis khan
like a gang of ex-cons that hang up murder rates
murder’s great, snapping, clapping you up
chew up flesh like werewolves yapping
victims, who’s up to bat? smack em with a bat
hack em into pieces, jesus
christ motherf-ckers are p-ssy
petrified, mortified, testified you all die
i’m the sort of guy that stays fortified
with a vest and a.45 wounds cauterized
goons on the rise rebellion, one million felons yelling, “necro, tell em! ”
to h-ll with them, f-ck politics
buck at the cops, they can suck the c-ck

start a pit! do it! now! yeah!

[verse 2:]
here’s a shank and a snuff, stop acting tough
i don’t like you, you’re not gangster enough
i’m at peace with reality, i got a blood feast mentality
you’re into b-st–lity, you f-ck dogs and you suck logs
you’re into b-ttplugs, you don’t need drugs
so nice i’ll buck you up with a flare gun
f-ck you up in a fair one, stomp you with air ones
you get carried away, you literally get carried away on a stretcher pitifully
my bad your honour, i know i f-cked up
but killing a cop is a badge of honour
you’re a queer in tights, dying like a deer in headlights
strict with the nine like dead mice
finally put your brain to sleep painfully
kill you and laugh at you simultaneously


[verse 3:]
vintage, you’re cutting edge in one package
gun-clappers backwards like a s-xually active attractive nun with a strap-on
crucifix d-ld- haunting the chapel
people you don’t want to street brawl or you’ll bleed
all over the place like i hit your nose with a speed ball
like a psycho in jail with the brain of michael dell
hit your brain with a rifle sh-ll
sh-t like an ex-lax pill, crack your skull
i’ll flip out like axl rose on paxil
don’t need source or xxl to excel my career, it’s no career loss
ride like a bicycle, smacked you up in high school
like an icicle i’m ice cold
foursomes in toronto, orgies in montreal, pervert, aren’t we all?


- letras de necro