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letra de pistol packin’ mama – al dexter

drinking beer in a cabaret and was i having fun
until one night she caught me right
and now i’m on the run.
lay that pistol down, babe – lay that pistol down
pistol packin’ mama, lay that pistol down.
she kicked out my windshield – she hit me over the head
she cussed and cried and said i’d lied
and wished that i was dead.
drinking beer in a cabaret and dancin’ with a blond
until one night she shot out the light – bang!

that blond was gone.
i’ll see you ev’ry night, babe – i’ll woo you ev’ry day
i’ll be your regular daddy – if you’ll put that gun away.
now i went home this morning – the clock was tickin’ four
gun in her hand, says “you’re my man, but i don’t need you no more.”
now there was old al dexter – he always had his fun
but with some lead, she shot him dead – his honkin’ days are done.

- letras de al dexter