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letra de pimp’en the scene – partners n crime


[first verse: kangol slim]
picture me peelin’ out in a deville lac
the deville i’m peelin’ out in is bustin’ crushin’
diamonds ain’t no thang
check out the ice on my fist
cardier wear flexin’ on the wrist
and my n-gg-s makin’ money like they supposed to
the front seat of my lac, feels just like a la-z-boy sofa
i’m stackin’ paper i’m makin’
i’m makin’ paper i’m stackin’, these hatin’ n-gg-s tryin’ to do a jackin’
but i’m decappin’, the first n-gg- i see
if i feel he’s gonna do some harm to me
protectin’ me, by any means necessary
in new orleans, n-gg-s killin’ for less than a g
that’s why it be, just me and my p-n-c
straight screamin’ seventeen til’ i d-i-e
givin’ all playa haters the blues it’s a shame
what they do to that poor alligator to make our shoes
we pimpin’ the scene

[chorus: x2]
i’m movin’ in my ride
(do you wanna ride?)
my hats tilt to the side
(side to side)
ridin’ with a gangsta lean
you know a n-gg- pimpin’ the scene
(a n-gg- pimpin’ the scene)

[second verse: misdemeanor]
see i be, pimpin’ the scene cuz lil’ red from the south
got that accent, plus i got them slugs in my mouth
ain’t no sellin’ out, boot n-gg-s, love to shoot n-gg-s
better recruit n-gg-s
we crackin’ domes and splittin’ vests n-gg-s
i see you grabbin’ yo lady cuz she lookin’ at me shady
you must have seen that devilish grin, that your girl gave me
she slipped the number in, p-ssed it to her girlfriend
she gave me eyes again, her and her so-called friend
i got’z to do them in, both of them broads gotta be done
and i ain’t doin’ this sh-t for reppin’, it’s just for fun
that’s how it’s done, on the one, then i’m on the run
i play this game here for real and that’s the way it come


[third verse: kangol slim]
check it
this goes out to all my n-gg-s, who ain’t got it
and to all my real n-gg-s, who bout it bout it
if you ain’t got a clean ride, m-th-f-ck it
still pimp the scene if you ridin’ in a bucket
i ain’t even gonna make it look like the finer things don’t get props
cuz every living motherf-cka got ’em
so i don’t give a f-ck
if you ridin’ in a olds cutl-ss or an expedition truck
put it on the neutral ground and b-mp the sounds, let your sh-t straight floss
rev the engine up, show them b-tches you got dual exhaust
it pays the cost to be the boss where i’m from
n-gg-s scared of the gun, scared to go out, and have a lil’ fun
but not me, i’m gone continue to pop bottles of wine
keep my diamonds on shine in the nine
for the n-gg- tryin’ to take mine
i never know when my day gone come, but until then
i’m down in new orleans, know what i mean? pimpin’ the scene

[chorus x3]