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letra de pigeon english – kill the man who questions

although at times it might look like we’re kept busy, although behind desks and counters we might seem like we’re the dumb, complacent. behind desks and counters or whatever for some 40 hours. you tremble when we show the slightest p-ssion. you want control but we won’t sit down. you think it’s for sale, but we’re not f-cking buying. we take what’s given and we make it our own. we speak pigeon english. don’t let our compromises fool you.
we haven’t forgotten who you are. we haven’t forgotten what you’ve done. we’re going to tear your world apart! inside, i think you know that something’s brewing, and in a language you could never hope to speak. it’s in a form of pigeon english that this threat is spoken. so listen up, this is the voice that will destroy you.

- letras de kill the man who questions