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letra de payday is bliss – finsta


(verse 1)
hit the switch, pick up the pen
i’m on again, the time is when
the page is blank, but my mind is racing
back and back the past is tracing
the hoods in our woods they never had chances
run like flicks the weak fast glances
i stop the flashback and skip to the present
what am i saying now, what is the science to my lessons?
i dig deep and come up with this
uplift self for mental health
and mental power before i loose someone else
get myself togethor because times are long
just a second and the day feels gone
stop the dragging, it pops to be snagging
peeps to be bagging and skins to be- chill
left alone, theres work to do
i’m way p-ssed due and hungry too
i need to eat and not just food
what do you think, no need to be rude
my time is now and now is time
i must get this cause payday is bliss

(verse 2)
keep your skins, getting in his hips
just remember me and when you’re dissed
got no sweat, my clothes are dry
this rhymes are hard of soul, look and see if i
evade the days, my minds no book
first on the dl but now i show and tell
and rip mad wax and sk!lls are shown
out on the loose, my cover is blown
keep your number and name, no time to play games
i once had to loot, but now you give up boots
chill ill chill, don’t scream out my name
it’s bagdaddy now and things ain’t the same
i gets rich, paid and i’ve collected the ends
and nothings getting faster defying my turbulence
so forget me, don’t sweat these bandits
(1:53 ?) peanut b-tter sandwich
going out like flash
the flavor to savior like misses dash
keep it to yourself, i don’t need that -ss
don’t need questions, i tell no lies
the smooth daddy syndrome, i sing lullabies
so wipe your eyes, and reminisce
remember what i said, payday is bliss

(verse 3)
you saw me where, no i’m not him?
you must of saw my twin, i look just like him
except he’s more thin, here keep your brothers
cause your sisters a (2:33 ?)
because i don’t listen or take time out
no time to rest and hear the next, my cells get vexed
especially when perplexed with wanna be downs
and wanna be clowns shopping demos around
i wasn’t live enough before, so why now?
you approach, i have no team and i’m no coach
so roach crawl back and remember i don’t forget
you bragged on what you had, but now what do you get?
your local vocals or what do you call it lyrics weren’t hype
cause only your boy stayed to hear it
so he was all that and you played people wack
but you never knew who stayed up til the crack of dawn
writing off, flowing on, going on
you heard i’m on the loose you said i got it going on
oh man, i wish i had a camcorder, to show you the past now that your wack -ss is out of order
it’s sorta like shocking, now that i’m rocking
are you p-ssed?
do you want some of this bliss?