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letra de overcome – axe murder boyz


all my life i’ve learned
gotta get up, stay strong. gotta get up, get up.
i just crash and burn
gotta get up, stay strong. overcome, overcome.
all my life i’ve learned
everybody listen now
i just crash and burn
listen to the wicked sound

alla my life its been holy war
since i first got half of my f–kin’ foot inside the door
i been smashed in half by all devastatin’ disasters
been called a f-g and a fraud and a f–kin’ heartless b-st-rd
but the truth is if i didn’t have no heart
i woulda gave up in the beginning always sh-t gets hard
and through all the hard times me and my brother had saw
all it did was teach us the ropes and create something raw
peep, fall asleep but don’t let the devil creep cause when it gets hard to breath you know he’s got the farthest reach
as much knowledge as your brain can receive
and remember that god is alive inside you and me
please, understand it ain’t about whos got the hardest raps
call me the lion k!lla the way i slaughter cats
bleed over these beats until i sleep in a casket
i’m doin’ pushups in blood and overcomin’ that sh-t
come on

{bonez dubb}
yeah! alla my life it’s been the wickedest
sever my right ear clean so i can take in this
i keeps it real peeps to k!ll and all that
everyday i wake up crusty as f–k and p-ssed
tried to shoot myself three times but i missed
cause i’m protected by the force no remorse for punk hoes
my lifes crashin’ down so i get up and run yo
no time to think with a blade stuck in ya dome
no place to hide when i’m livin’ inside your f–kin’ home
i’m fightin’ this system to death which won’t be long
they think i’m wrong for dissing the f–k outta cops up in my song
so i’m like f–k the five-oh
say it with me f–k the law!
go ahead and lock me up cause i’m about to break ya jaw
i overcome any obstacle the devil has in store
cause i ain’t takin’ no b-tch sh-t anymore
i overcome