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letra de over me – al corley

another broken heart
another tragic play
another scene o’ grievin’
over and over.

a woman falls apart
she’s beggin’ me to stay
but i’m only leavin’
over and over.

why should i care?
how can it be?
i got used to gettin’ to girls
and now one o’ them gets to me.

she’s over me, over me
over me, she’s over me
over me, over me
she’s over me, over me.
(repeat 1st 2 lines)

my moves were mostly learned
my lines were well-rehe-rs-d
i made a cool impression
over, it’s over.

i’m scared of gettin’ burned
the roles have been reversed
my famous self-possession
over, it’s over.

down on my knees
don’t ask me why
same old donna i’ve been playin’ for years
but i’m playin’ the other side
(repeat chorus)
(repeat chorus 2x to fade)

- letras de al corley