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letra de outside looking in – mary chapin carpenter

everywhere i see the signs
pointin’ one direction
no more twists or crooked turns
leavin’ room for doubt
where i used to take the time
for quiet and reflection
now i only hear the noise
of what i am without

i see them walkin’ hand in hand
and my eyes just want to linger
on those golden wedding bands
wrapped around their fingers
by the time i turn away
i feel it once again
i’m back in this familiar place
outside lookin’ in

baby all the tears between us
couldn’t fill the sp-ces
and all the words we grasped at
they just fell away
i kept waiting on forgiveness
to fix the broken places
but nothing even like it
ever came my way

and tonight i drove around
and the street came up before me
i took a turn and then i found
this old house comin’ toward me
heard the sound a heart must make
when a memory’s cavin’ in
oh baby, what a hungry place?
outside lookin’ in

it’s the hardest kind of need
that never knows a reason
are we such a lonely breed
or just born in a lonely season?

may be it’s all in the eyes
it’s where the reckoning begins
it’s where we linger like a sigh
it’s where we long to be pulled in
it’s where we learn to say goodbye
without saying anything
just standin’ on the borderlines
outside looking in

- letras de mary chapin carpenter