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letra de one take contest v.1 (freestyle) – punsy

no contest, i’m the one who wants the one take
if we go one to one, i’ll be the one who won the one take
in one take! now your record will be 0-1
i’m on one. who wanna say they messing with me? no one!
never number two, like a binary process
getting numbers too, got em buyin’ every project
…the brain in use, a computer system it’s futuristic
the mind of the guy from the future is thick
i’m reminding you guys on the mic that the future is this
combining these lines that i scribed just for futuristic
the dude that’s gifted as professor x’s school for children
a mutant with it. and the freshest ever knew to depicted!
i am supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. i’m the
super powered master lyric, deadly cali poet. i’ll
abuse a coward rapper dissin’ any pal i know with a
cooler style of rappin’, mixed with technique bound with focus!
…i am flying lotus dopeness!
i am tryna overthrow this bogus hocus pocus that’s controlling yo kids!
i peek at you. i’m shocked you wrote what you wrote
this kid claims to blast toys, but i know that you grown
i’ll char his hard demeanor once i’ve roasted the bro
plus it takes a lot of b-lls to catch the foes that you want
catch you roaming alone, jumped by some folks for your phone
and have you crying on the side like, “where my pokemon go!?”
that light bulb’ll soar over your dome…
you’re bound to catch em all, then you’ll know that i’m dope!
you write a badder verse? yeah right that’ll work!
like me at trump rally in a black lives matter shirt!

- letras de punsy