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letra de my weakness – wakeup starlight

hi mom remember me i’m your son
i was not afraid of those who would destroy us
i do not remember why i wanted to join up
i just want to come home
i know i’m so far away now i flew here on a jetplane
cuz i was so excited but i do not know why
this just cannot be right

you just knew my weakness
i was alone when you found me you were my only friend
i know you can beat this carry me all the way back home with you again

i have done a very bad thing i have no use for trying
i’m so far away now there is no other way out
i will not be coming home ever again

i know the times are a changing
father please just rearrange me
i can’t see you in my place now
cracked and torn is my hardened face now

- letras de wakeup starlight