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letra de my turn – few

now it’s my turn
to take this beat and make ya mind burn
but first, let me ask the question
who in the world thinks that i’ll impress ’em?
with a dope beat and a dope rhyme
but you know i ain’t gonna boast mines
i can maybe take a beat add some heat
to bring y’all folks right out ya seats
but i can’t do a single thing
without the one that’s known as the king
jesus, better believe that i’m leaving
when the skies crack all these rap gods will be left on their knees and
and then they’ll see him like liam neeson in taken
they know that he’s on a mission to free his children forsaken
rap god? nah, i ain’t never been afraid of that god
cause that god is lower case to well… god
he’s upper case cause his courts are more important
so i’ll be in awe of his order cause i know that for sure it’s
eternally worth more than currency so i earnestly
search for encouraging ways to reach a world that sees
nothing but hypocrites so pour up and sip on this
i’m already in fast forward so no way your skipping this
you rappers are tripping if, you think that your getting it
because royalties are stacking up like the snow up in michigan
but just wait til the son rises a second time
you gonna learn today that you get no second rhymes
to make up for every verb noun and adjective
that you wasted on song recorded at your crib
cause let’s be honest i recorded this in a closet
walmart employee with long hours but i ain’t lost it
and i’m just trying to bring you back down to reality
actuality i don’t even need a salary
so close curtain if my verses are ever curses
i’m certain that it’s urgent that i merk it to only turn it
back to the reason that we have this life (swerve)
back to the reason that we can new life
and until they stop me i’ma be c-cky
staying confident in his sacrifice
anybody can always receive this promise
so spell this out like it’s hooked on phonics
g.o.d. r.o.s.e. but there’s an encore
y’all say you’re on one well right now i’m on 4
so jump lookin boy
talking junk lookin boy
but i turn the other cheek
like you stunk lookin boy
it’s fact lookin boy
he’s back lookin boy
so step down off this track lookin boy
and i’m on fleek whatever that means
100 reach records mtc same team
live action turtle man
pokemon squirtle fan

and if anybody wanna try to step to the plate
they need to get up in the word to find the word grace
you can fool a ton people in to everything your saying
but if everything your saying never matches how your praying
then how can you prove that you do
all the things that your music spews
all i really know is i gotta get it on my mission
never sitting here wishing that i never go to prison
for the god i believe will make another visit
and if that’s about to happen then i pray that i’m written
in the book of life with people that died for his cause
but their voice is still ringing a tuned that never paused
so i’m going in flowing on a beat that was stolen
to give it everything for this truth that i am holding
never will i choose another god over mine
so i grind at this time to speak over lines
so you’ll find the divine truth on the vine
life on the line matters on my mind
no inclines i work for mines
he’s always on time to redesign
don’t worry i’m fine just thankful to shine
and giving my all to el shaddai
still sick with the rhymes like i’m sick with swine
go harder than a pine baseball bat so i’m

- letras de few