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letra de mutilate the beat – necro

verse 1:
my character traits, i consider attractive, hate, bitterness, proactive with blades, grittiness, transform, activate. like a general, official, hit you with an enemy missile, my
extended pistol is beneficial to the issue. i’m hot tempered, the red dot’s centered, leave you shot and dismembered, you blood clot, you got dented. spiritual healing, satanic, walking on ceilings, warped appeal, cold
like a corpse with no feelings. gang territorial, squeeze a banger at ya in a state of euphoria, leave you bleeding like fangoria. skeezing eva longoria, slaughter ya, get gorier than korea, see ya. bedridden, head bitten. by a kitten bred with
rabies, sh-tting out red, left dead sittin’. lacking awareness, in all fairness, you’re wack, clapped and left physically impaired p-ssed, see a therapist. its natural for me to flip, come at ya with a bat and split ya
head open, or catch you with a clip. the .44 magnum spits, magnanimous, kill you like euronymous then walk off anonymous a malcolm mclaren rebel, you’re on the low baron level, with a piece of sh-t on your head like aaron neville. forever
death like trevor peres, if my endeavor’s are slept on, never-the-less, sever the flesh. you gotta die, laws of the bible do not apply, say goodbye to my rivals, you should try to comply. -ssault ya, rude behavior, flavor
like salt on ya food, enslave ya, on the altar subdued. the sinning, atheist, demented, winning, s-d-st, i can see the inner traces of resentment on your faces. a proper amount of f-cked up lines, you can’t possibly count,
buck up ya spine with a nine, shot to the ground.

mutilate the beat.
mutilate the beat.
mutilate the beat.

verse 2:
the skills of my intellect, allow me to kill you in a sec, fill you up with percoset, power drill
you in the neck.
brilliantly like when quentin directs, the quintessential, villian in-effect, chin check you diligently. good hearted ’til the hood scarred it, i wish you would start it, spark it, the death of you we could
market. a bad dude, wit an att-tude like zab jud, i’ll pull a gat on you, give you a stab tattoo. you worship idols, strip ya t-tles, rip ya vitals, grippin’ tools, attack like fighting bulls. my motivating factor’s to kill like operating
tractor trailers, drunk as a sailor, motor skills nil. my crooked path is straight, took her on a date, making a hooker m-st-rb-t- with my .38. my machete will slash ya, deep gashes, your heart beats faster, get ready to meet your master.

mutilate the beat.

- letras de necro