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letra de miss brand new – tingsek

hey you
i love you more than i know how to
miss brand-new, i can’t wait ’til we get together
but i think i might go crazy
(you don’t wanna loose yourself completely
whatever will be, i just can’t wait to start this family

[verse 1]
i’ve really tried not letting to much out
explosions on the verge of a black out
but i’ve never been more at ease
and i never loved like this
so why should i put some kind of lid on?
this information is to good to sit on
i really cannot ask for more
i’m at a place i have never been before

[verse 2]
it feels weird to be factual
well i know it’s not supernatural
but whatever i stand for
this is someone that did not exist before
this new perspective is so unreal
i can’t believe this is how i feel
oh, with the love you represent
everything looks beautifully different

- letras de tingsek