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letra de magnolia – yung rudd


in trini she wine & kotch
hands down by she socks
wining to my pops
dan i feel on top

yeah, yeah
in trini she wine & kotch
hands down by she socks
wining to my pops
dan i feel on top

paxx ’em
real talk
skrr skrr

it’s yung r-u-double d
wet season so it have some mango on the tree
that’s reminiscent of your flows and my gyal on the d
she sucky suck; she tell me like an uber, come for me
aight, well no scene

real talk, dan i’m underrated
real talk i’z de f-cking greatest
real talk, i’m a g*nius
unlike you, i not b-mms to say it
you see my tracks, you f-cking play it
doe matter in public or in private
you wanna hate it
’cause you know i gonna make it

-lighter clicks-
sorry dey, i had to blaze it
green kush, raw papeage
plugged in like the matrix
rowley, sponsor my alb-m
paying shamfa bill, you cud more than make it
them 2 parties have no leaders
iz one setta make shift
time to get the f-ck out
trust, that sh-t belated
most voters either dumb and/or f-cking racist
that’s why drug lords hold the cards and f-cking play it
i forming a new party
trust i’z not one to play with

’cause everyday
mans dem get lock up for consuming mary j
meanwhile, drunky k!lls a human and he bae
’cause he lives where carib, stag, rum or henny stays
ceos noses be like banks when men be paid
long lines, yet we cyah take a friendly blaze
yet weed sells and whose pockets benefits?
hmm, lemme think?
’cause it seems like, y’all can’t do that very straight

watch this:
mans dem watching narcos
pablo shipping hard c-ke
saying, “ways he’z an -sshole
but he legendary and hard though!”
i swear allyuh r-t-rds though
that’s in your back yard, bro
he almost turn president
it’s similar in trinbahgo
… oops trinbago
hard luck i hit hard dro
but i also spit hard flows
cargos of that hard dope
can’t make drugs illegal, then coast ’cause crime mad, though
love off on your mp? no one go rob he like margo

and trust he bank them full of taxpayer money
plus cash from the drug lords who playing rummy
with the politicians that you vet
with the country, they’re playing russian roulette
they don’t care about who’s next
pnm, unc, dey jus cut 2 cheques
k!ll a man or threaten him
they don’t care about who’s vexed

well i am, but i doe lost doe
dis a game where i sure to beat the boss though
don’t be shocked if you see i get k!lled
from a bullet to the torso
that’s how the course go

at least i gonna floss though
and i got a girl, i’m on my kate moss flow
and the t-tties awesome
and she vegan also
with her by my side
i go hit them like i’z hit her from the back
raw bro

cold like f-cking oslo
in trini, she wine & kotch
hands down by she socks
she wining to my pops