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letra de loosely pieced collage // outro – christian layone


part 1 – loosely pieced collage

[verse 1]
pulling back. copy that
all this mess i think i need to rest
think i’m alright now after the stress
seventeen years just flew by my head
i just caught my fleeting faith and found my personality
accepted some new changes
but then came some new consequences
new faces
new places
i wanna see them all
this a loosely pieced collage
this how i’ll shoot for the stars

909, 909, 909

[verse 2]
this ain’t a happy ending cause i’m still really sad. shh!
but i won’t let that affect me in front of my friends. shh!
i think things are getting better
cause no one likes a debbie downer
and nowadays todos is cheesy
so i won’t make it worse by pretending
my life ain’t the best but i have been through worse tears
and with these new lessons i know how to persevere
this might look like a huge mess to you and you and you
but to me this is a loosely pieced collage of my life as a youth

909, 909, 909

part 2 – outro

i no longer fear change
it is something that is absolutely necessary in our lives
cause you can’t grow without change
and… that’s what happened. i grew
and now i’m better
cause when you change, you’re still yourself. so why fear being yourself when you’re already yourself?
if that makes any sense at all, it’s like 7am and i’m supposed to be dropping this mixtape like right now
so um, hope you guys enjoyed listening to like, my life
and happy holidays!