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letra de little honda – the bloomfields

i’m gonna wake you up early
cause i’m gonna take a ride with you
we’re going down to the honda shop
i’ll tell you what were gonna do
put on a ragged sweatshirt
i’ll take you anywhere you want me to

first gear (honda honda)
it’s alright (faster faster)
second gear (little honda honda)
i lean right (faster faster)
third gear (honda honda)
hang on tight (faster faster)
faster (it’s alright)

it’s not a big motorcycle
just a groovy little motorbike
it’s more fun that a barrel of monkeys
that two-wheel bike
we’ll ride on out of the town
to any place i know you like

[repeat chorus]

it climbs the hills like a matchless
cause my hondas built really light
when i go into the turns
lean with me and hang on tight
i better turn on the lights
so we can ride my honda tonight

[repeat chorus 3x]

- letras de the bloomfields