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letra de la nouva marguerita – ataraxia

[the new marguerite]
[cover version of kate bush wuthering heights]

follow my steps,cross the glances
i will bring you with me
in the other room,she lays her hands
embraces the courtains
how could you leave me,
when i needed to possess you?
i hated you and i loved you too.
she lays her hands,
she embraces the courtain on the walls,
she’s smiling and wandering,wandering wandering
“it’s me”
christine,christine took heat from ice,so cold,
i needed you,so cold
you,follow me and you will be young forever
you,follow me and you will sing forever
it’s me christine,it’s me.
she lays her hands,smiling,but she isn’t happy…………

- letras de ataraxia