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letra de kilt it – packfm

put your fist up, swing around left-to-right
i ain’t talkin bout a show, this a mothaf-ckin’ fight
f-ck yo kicks up, put ya shoe through his eye
if the n-gg- gets up, then you ain’t do it right
i rap like a n-gg-, you rhyme like a b-tch
son’s actin up, go find me a switch
got my mind in a ditch, keep ya eye on the kid
five nine, buck fo’ five, grimy as sh-t
i’m what’s really hood in brooklyn, and h-lla poppin out in compton
call me fmak, a.k.a. somebody stop him
got security stompin at every show i’m rockin
crowd response is “son, he kilt it” like a scottsman
a force to be beat, can’t be done, knock you off ya feet
king of the hill, you live across the street from dawson’s creek
so make ya’self at home, why?, cause you finna drop
in a coffin with locks filled with four cinder blocks
when my crew’s in the house, we abusin’ ya spouse
she thought i was paul wall, i put my jewels in her mouth
move-em-in, move-em-out, raw hide mothaf-cka
quick to the draw, if you ain’t raw, hide mothaf-ckaaaa!

- letras de packfm