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letra de keep it 100 – bun b

i’ma keep it 100 (100),
all day and all night
n-gg- anytime you see me,
i’ma keep it super tight
i’m an underground king, reppin’ ugk
and give a d-mn what a motherf-cker say
i’ma keep it (100)

all night and all day
n-gg- anytime you see me
mane i’m reppin’ pa
this is ugk fo’ life,
long live pimp c
and i’ma never let a n-gg- pimp me
i’ma keep it (100)

(verse 1)
‘cuz it’s all that i’ve ever known
all that i’ve ever been
all that i’ve ever shown,
get yo’ sh-t together clone, build a better prototype
you looking like a mop, and i’m looking fo’ a flo’ to wipe,
i heard yo’ alb-m mane, if that’s what you call it
another gangsta fairytalin’, and for that sh-t we ain’t fallin’,
all you talking ’bout is slangin’, bangin’, bustin’, and ballin’
but i aint seen yo’ scary -ss, at all-star in new orleans (all-star in new orleans)
i’m tired mane this sh-t gettin’ older than moses,
p-ssy n-gg-s always poutin’ with posers
but mane all it really shows is, how hard you ain’t
a n-gg- bust yo’ -ss in the mouth, you probably faint
not from the power of the punch, but the shock
‘cuz you a coward, and n-gg-s gone devour yo lunch
a bunch of n-gg-s done tried, but ain’t too many done it
like me its bun beata, a g, and i’ma keep it (100)


(verse 2)
‘cuz that’s exactly what the trill do,
ain’t n-body tellin’ me what i won’t or i will do
if i don’t feel you, you lucky that i don’t kill you
leave ya leakin’ ’til you moldy, and mildew for real dude,
i got the skill to, don’t make me have to show it
‘cuz it will be over before you know it
you get one shot, and i suggest you don’t blow it
and if i do it, i wanna do it, reap it you gon’ sow it
i’m a revolutionary black-fister, you f-ckin’ with fire
f-ck around and get a blister,
i f-ck with her father, then f-ck around and hit her sister
underground king, mother f-cker call me mister,
mr. one kilogram, mr. woodgrain, mr. brick,
and unless you the misses, get off the mister d-ck,
‘cuz this the sh-t that have these motherf-ckers runnin’ for the hill
from the king of the trill
‘cuz i keep it 100 (100)


(verse 3)
‘cuz nowadays motherf-ckers lie,
some to yo’ face, some can’t even look you in the eye
some in this place, some just left, and some just comin’ by
a little later, probably a little hater
and they gon’ sit and debate us,
tryin’ to prove they the greatest, and they still gon’ be wronger than f-ck
so holla later, i’m leaving i’m not a waiter,
but i’ll end up serving you, they tryin’ to step to the likes of me
why the nerve of you, but i never and i do declare
i’m ’bout to f-ck the game up, so best you prepare
put on ya’ bibs, ‘cuz i’m finnin’ be spittin’
that hot fire so you better bring mittens
‘cuz you a p-ssy and yo’ patnah is kittens
i’ll do ’em and when i’m done
they be like “no, he didn’t”
get yo’ toilet paper n-gg-, ‘cuz i’m finnin’ be sh-ttin’,
diaretic on haters, with no quittin’
and i’ma keep it 100 (100)


- letras de bun b