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letra de into it – gardenside

i’m not into it
i never could have been
i won’t sing forever if i fire burns this low again
i hope this cuts your skin
sinks deep and never quits
scars are reminders and they’re sobering
you were heated
i can’t believe i’ve heard this over and over and over again
i fear i can’t relate
new homes and new due dates
i’m on the outside
thats feeling alright
i don’t know if you’d seen me in the back of the room
few degrees had your head turned i’d be right in your view
took a dive in the kitchen i wasn’t looking to choose
between adult conversation or an empty excuse
i feel the weight of their eyes
i feel my fixes unglue
i’d rather run through the window than be here talking to you
know that people are the worst part of every day
i tell myself to get along
if i’m putting on my best smile then why can’t they
i’d rather turn the lights off

- letras de gardenside